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With over 25 years of driving test experience 80% of student pass on the first go We have a record number of students with 100% marks.

*Explanation and practice of the test routes including a breakdown of the 110 points in the test. You will also learn about the
minor mistakes which you will need to pass by at least 90% +

These include:
vehicle speed, position, decision and reaction, hazard’s response and control.
* Explanation and practice of the

Major mistakes (which are fail items) including:

  • Traffic signs, signals, road markings,
  • give-way markings,
  • colliding objects and other illegal actions.
  • You will also be given guidance, tips and practise with different manoeuvres – checking, maintaining and adjusting speed
  • testing officer’s intervention
  • dangerous situations
  • proper way to control the vehicle
  • actively avoiding accidents
  • giving way to emergency vehicles
  • following traffic controller signs
  • using indicators
  • how to follow testing officer’s directions
  • how to interact with obstructions and other vehicles or pedestrians
  • how to kerbside park,
  • reverse park,
  • 3-point turn
  • safe following distances
  • blind spot and head checks.

2 Sessions of trial (mock) tests + Driving Test:


*90 minutes each session +

*An additional one-hour revision practise before the real driving test with the RMS testing officer +

*Providing car for the driving test
(All practice on driving test route)

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Ultimate Driving Test Package *5 Sessions of trial (mock) tests + Driving Test:


* 90 minutes each plus

* An additional one-hour revision practise before the real driving test with the RMS testing officer +

* Providing car for the driving test
(All practice on driving test route)

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We’re an Experienced, Trustworthy, Reliable & Friendly Driving School

Lamp Driving School is focused on the learner safety. We have confidence in our professional and calm approach in teaching you our safe driving technique.

Back-up Vehicles

If for any reason a vehicle experiences a break down or is not road-worthy, we have other car’s as a back-up. All vehicles are always ready to go.

Female Driving Instructor

Good news for female students looking for female instructors. Now you can choose your suitable times online and book your favourite driving instructor.

Developing Personal Skills

We teach you to how to be a confident, safe and smart driver. We also teach you special techniques for your driver's license test so you will be in a relaxed and fun environment.


Learn to Drive safe with our Qualified Friendly Male & Female Driving Instructors

Our main goal is the driver’s safety and we are can teach you how to be a confident, safe and smart driver. We also teach you special techniques for your driver’s license test so you will be relaxed throughout the exam.

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Satisfied Customer Feedback
Aniruddha Hati
Aniruddha Hati
Lamp Driving School helped me in learning driving from the start. With continuous explanations of the rules and the requirements at the road by my respected instructor (Alo bhai) helped me become a responsible driver today.🙏
Mr Sayem
Mr Sayem
My experience with lamp driving school was 5 stars. Mr Alo is an excellent driving instructor with over almost two decades of experience. Unlike most others driving instructor he is on the point according to the need of the students from very first day. His suggestions are bang on the bucks and if you just follow them while enjoy driving it's a first go pass trust me. Give them a try at least, your invest in that one lesson will get you more than several lessons from others. Good luck everyone and thanks Mr Alo again for guiding me through to get my full Australian licence.
Razib Ahmed
Razib Ahmed
I am very thankful to them.They are just outstanding.Anzuman Apu is too good and polite.
Sadia Afrin
Sadia Afrin
Farjana Islam Tina
Farjana Islam Tina
Highly recommended. Special thanks to Anzuman apu. She provided me confidence in my abilities from the day 1. Thanks a tons for teaching me how to drive. Thank you so much.
Nafisa Preity
Nafisa Preity
Lamp driving school is very professional and take due care of students and guides excellent way to learn driving quickly.
Abu Noman
Abu Noman
Riashad M
Riashad M
I got my Ps on my first go with full marks thanks to the LAMP Driving school. I have been learning exclusively from Alo (uncle) to prepare me for my Ps test. He is very patient, gives very clear instructions and is incredibly experienced so knows ALL the common mistakes and how to build skills to avoid those mistakes. My lessons were incredibly helpful and I also recommend the driving test package which I used.
shanchari jabbar
shanchari jabbar
Anzuman apu is a wonderful instructor with a lot of experience. She is very calm, patient and friendly. Helped me to build my confidence through every lesson until I am ready. I have completed all my lessons with her. She is awesome. I would also like to thank Alo vai for his amazing instructions, guidelines and helpful tips and for pointing out all the minor mistakes very carefully. I only had one lesson with him just before my test. Highly recommend Lamp Driving School.
Nasrin Akter
Nasrin Akter
Anzuman apu is a wonderful instructor. Her experience and behaviour is outstanding . Every lesson she helps me lot until I am ready. I have no confident on me but she make my confident level best by her experience, and for her hard works today I pass my driving test . All credit goes to her . Lost of love Apu and Thanks a lot apu. Highly recommended LampDrivingSchool.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can obtain your learners licence at the age of 16 after you complete the drivers knowledge test.

We provide the vehicle, so you don’t need to worry about having a car to practise in. Our cars are well maintained and fitted with safety features including a dual control function which is very helpful when learning to drive and gives peace of mind to both the driver and the instructor.

All our cars have signs on the top and side of the cars so all drivers on the road will be aware that the vehicle is a driving school’s car.

Lamp driving school has completed market research to show that lesson costs vary according to the location of suburbs. Our rates are competitive and vary when considering factors such as where you will be picked up and dropped off. For your personal rate please don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can be upfront with you about the price.

Currently the only way to book a lesson is by calling our school at 9597 7771, otherwise you can call the instructors directly at 0403112456 or 0430371974. We will be able to tell you the process of how to get started and what you need to do to get your L’s if you haven't already.

Every hour with a driving instructor will count for 3 hours in your logbook. This is capped up to a total of 10 hours with a driving instructor which is equivalent to 30 hours.

From our experience we have seen some drivers are confident and learn very quickly and they need about 5-10 lessons whilst completing their logbook hours before they go for their test. Less confident drivers and those who may need more time to grasp the rules and are more anxious will need more time over the course of many months and can have more than 20 lessons. It is all dependant on the individual and at Lamp Driving School we do our best to make sure the driver is confident when driving, we will not rush in teaching you as we want you to learn the best and most safe techniques so that you can confidently try and pass the driving test on your first attempt.

Yes, we have a female instructor.

We are open and available for lessons from 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday. If you need a lesson on a Sunday.

If you cancel within 24 hours of the lesson you are subject to a 25% fee of the lesson price. If you cancel within 6 hours of the lesson the fee is 50% of the lesson price and if you are absent or cancel within one hour of the lesson then the full price of the lesson will need to be paid.

Please call at least 24 hours before the lesson to reschedule otherwise you will be subject to the above cancellation fees.

he vehicles we use for our day-to-day lessons are automatic. We do not provide a manual car to practise in nor do we teach how to drive manual.